San Diego, CA
United States

Guiding communication strategies on COVID-19 response and recovery and future initiatives by learning how residents prefer to receive information.

Effectively communicating and disseminating critical information to residents in the San Diego Promise Zone is a persistent challenge, especially for elderly residents and people with low incomes. Circulate San Diego, an organization that advocates for public transit, safe streets, and sustainable growth, is interested in what communication platforms and channels Promise Zone residents use to obtain critical information about COVID-19. In particular, it is interested in how that usage varies by age, access, and familiarity with technology. To gather this information, Circulate San Diego will deploy a bilingual, multi-platform survey to every resident in the Promise Zone, an area where the federal government collaborates with local leaders to address multiple community revitalization challenges through tax incentives and federal grants. This includes the following neighborhoods: Barrio Logan, Chollas View, Emerald Hills, Encanto, Golden Hill, Lincoln Park, Mount Hope, Mountain View, Sherman Heights, Skyline, Southcrest, and Stockton. The survey will ask respondents about their age and neighborhood of residence; whether they have at-home internet access; their primary and secondary sources of community and regional news; and how they’d like to receive information about COVID-19. The data will be collected anonymously to ensure respondents’ privacy. Insights will be used to inform strategies for disseminating critical information to residents about COVID-19 response and recovery efforts, including information on free testing sites, the status of local business operations, and community resources for people who need assistance, such as from food banks and other services. Circulate San Diego will share the findings with the San Diego Promise Zone Working Groups, part of the City of San Diego Economic Development Department and roughly 50 other Promise Zone Working Groups partner organizations.

Social media handles: @CirculateSD(Facebook), @CirculateSD(Twitter)