Community Interventions

San Antonio, TX
United States

Community Information Now is developing a blueprint for how large US cities can use data to inform decisions and actions and actively coordinate across institutions to address factors that lead to staggering health disparities and unequal life expectancies.

With a gap of 18.2 years, Bexar County has the ninth-worst disparity in life expectancy of 247 Texas counties, and San Antonio leads the nation's major cities in economic and social segregation. To raise local awareness about health disparities, Community Information Now will develop an interactive visualization that matches a user's selected census tract with a tract that has a very different USALEEP life expectancy. The user enters the visualization through a census tract map of life expectancy, establishing an origin tract by entering an address or clicking on the map.

The project will produce an interactive visualization that will pair the origin tract with an algorithmically selected tract that shares certain characteristics but has a much different life expectancy. To establish an emotional connection with gaps in life expectancy and with the people on the opposite side of that gap, users will be able to interact with a curated set of indicators not strongly associated with life expectancy for the original tract, the match tract, and Bexar County.

A launch event will convene a diverse group of community residents and partners who will learn about local disparities in life expectancy and how those disparities impact the community. They will also gain firsthand experience about how the tool can help them explore disparities and driving factors, and how they can connect to action opportunities.

All final tools and resources using USALEEP data will be made available in summer 2020.

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