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San Antonio, TX
United States

Integrating local datasets to inform resource allocation in Corpus Christi and Victoria, two majority-Hispanic cities with COVID-19 case rates roughly double that of Texas.

In Texas, Corpus Christi and Victoria—two majority-Hispanic cities still recovering from Hurricane Harvey—are seeing a rise in COVID-19 cases but lack good local data to inform a coordinated response and recovery. Working closely with each city’s United Way organization, Community Information Now (CI:Now), a nonprofit that supports community information needs, will identify and integrate disparate local datasets, analyzing and communicating the data in an understandable way to help direct resources to respond effectively  to local needs and avoid exacerbating existing health inequities.  

This project will use local data CI:Now has been collecting since early March 2020. Data sources include administrative datasets such as 211 requests, state unemployment claims, and nonprofit service use and waitlists; local and state surveys of people and families; public datasets such as the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey and records from the United Way; and COVID-19 allocations made by community foundations, the cities, and the counties. CI:Now will use custom maps, charts, and infographics to communicate data to audiences.  

The primary audiences are the senior staff and boards of the United Way of the Coastal Bend and the Victoria County United Way, which play critical roles as funders and key network nodes in each city. The secondary audiences are the decisionmakers who allocate public funds, including city managers, city council members, county judges, and county court’s commissioners, who can use the data to inform resource allocation for short-term COVID-19 response and recovery.  

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