Rural Health Equity

Sparks, GA
United States

Cook County Family Connection will use USALEEP data as the core tool in an exploration of health data from individual census tracts, zip codes, and neighborhoods within 11 rural communities in Georgia. Examining how health indicators and social determinants of health correlate with life expectancy rates will allow Cook County Family Connection to identify and target geographic disparities and inequities. The findings compiled from this data research will guide collaborative efforts in each of these communities to create locally driven strategies for addressing health inequities in specific census tracts and neighborhoods.

Cook County Family Connection will create a detailed USALEEP-centric health data report (supplemented by infographics and presentation materials) to be published for each of the 11 communities served by the project. Leaders from each community will collaborate during a full-day training event focused on methods to share, publicize, and use the life-expectancy data to increase awareness about local health inequities and spark meaningful community conversations around strategies for change.

Cook County Family Connection will publish an aggregate data report to compare life expectancy and health indicators among these communities, and to examine commonalities related to rurality, poverty, and shared health inequities.

Cook County Family Connection’s project will show how data on life expectancy can, when combined with health indicators and data on social determinants of health, serve as a roadmap for engaging community partners and implementing innovative health-change strategies. This project will demonstrate the logical progression of using data to foster community collaboration that results in locally designed strategies for improving health equity.

All final tools and resources using USALEEP data will be made available in summer 2020.

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