Economic Mobility and Racial Equity

New Orleans, LA
United States

The Data Center of Southeast Louisiana plans to explore the relationship between life expectancy and economic opportunity while highlighting the historical underpinnings of racial and economic segregation at the neighborhood level. To this end, the USALEEP data provides a unique opportunity to examine how the history of uneven neighborhood development and racial inequity may shape the future of cross-sector, place-conscious interventions.

The Data Center’s research findings and visualizations will be published in a short and engaging series of "data stories" on its website. To support local efforts to reduce disparities in health and to promote high-impact community investment, these stories will illustrate how place shapes efforts to understand and address health and economic inequality. The team will also work with local stakeholders to amplify the project's impact. In addition, a detailed methodology and replication package will be made publicly available.

This project will apply site-specific knowledge to analysis of unique national data sets, serving as a case study for the field on how to make data accessible to wider audiences by incorporating the geographical and historical contexts of inequality.

All final tools and resources using USALEEP data will be made available in summer 2020.

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