Youth Achievement

Milwaukee, WI
United States

Analyzing and collecting data on Black youth opportunity in Milwaukee to support community advocacy for more resources in Black neighborhoods.

Milwaukee consistently remains one of the most segregated cities in the United States due to the history of redlining and systemic disinvestment in Black neighborhoods. This segregation contributes to racial inequities in health, education, and employment outcomes. Black youth often experience the most significant effects, including a lack of resources and opportunities, which often result in an achievement gap compared to white youth. Though it is important to examine and address the systemic nature of these challenges and the resulting disparities, it is also critical to highlight how Black youth are excelling despite these barriers. Data You Can Use (DYCU) seeks to share data around Black youth achievement to bolster community organizing and advocacy efforts for more resources. 

DYCU will collect data on Black youth achievement in areas such as academics, civic engagement, leadership in social change, entrepreneurialism, and artistic success from a variety of data sources. Project staff will also convene local nonprofit and education partners who work with Black youth through Data Chats, which provides a two-way learning platform that allows researchers and residents to look at data together, facilitating an opportunity for community members to share their lived expertise.

From these Data Chats and other analysis, DYCU will develop a final report that will be shared with Data Chat participants; local nonprofit and education partners who work with Black youth, including the Milwaukee Public Schools, Mentor Milwaukee, and Boys and Girls Club of Greater Milwaukee; and others. Findings will be used to support community advocacy for expanded resources in Black neighborhoods.