Civic Engagement and Policy Interventions

New Haven, CT
United States

DataHaven and its local partners will use the USALEEP dataset to develop an organizing, communications, and advocacy tool for three Connecticut communities: Hartford, the Naugatuck Valley, and New Haven. The DataHaven team will integrate community organizing with data analysis and resident-driven storytelling to advocate for investment in strategies that community knowledge and data suggest will reduce health inequities.

To support area leaders and communities, DataHaven will produce distilled, graphically clear, action-oriented data analysis informed by community processes as well as multiple short-form documentary videos that integrate personal stories to bring implications of small-area health data to life. Through a collaboration with Purple States productions, the DataHaven team will give residents a chance to further document and showcase the health inequities they experience by sharing their stories through video storytelling.

By combining USALEEP data on life expectancy with administrative data, surveys, and residents' insights and stories, communities in Hartford, the Naugatuck Valley, and New Haven can identify and convey local variations in health-related factors and empower multisector interventions. This project's analysis will demonstrate to data-holders at the state and local levels the value of small-area data like USALEEP for local empowerment and strategic interventions—and how releasing additional datasets at the neighborhood level could greatly enhance the power of analyses.

All final tools and resources using USALEEP data will be made available in summer 2020.

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