Affordable Housing, Health Equity

Brooklyn, NY
United States

Measure of America will visualize the relationship between life expectancy and healthy housing across more than 300 NYC Housing Authority development sites, surfacing potential levers of change for investment in public housing communities by focusing on the census-tract level to make robust connections between housing and health and to identify local issues that may be unique to particular communities. This project will allow communities to view data on other social determinants of health, making vital information more accessible and ensuring that all health and housing stakeholders are on the same page regarding the data.

Measure of America will create an open data tool (accessible on desktops and mobile devices) called OurHome.NYC that showcases USALEEP data along with supplementary indicators that allow users to explore connections between life expectancy, housing, and social determinants of health. They will host in-person trainings and hack-a-thons to teach public-housing residents and leaders to use OurHome.NYC to better understand health determinants and outcomes in their communities.

Measure for America will also develop summary materials for advocates of public housing and for policymakers, highlighting notable connections between housing investment and health equity to help advocate for better health services where they are needed most. It will also create a community leadership position and provide data training for a youth resident of public housing, in order to help develop the next generation of public-health data scientists.

All final tools and resources using USALEEP data will be made available in summer 2020.

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