Education Policy and Social and Economic Justice

Richmond, VA
United States

Richmond City Health District, in partnership with the Virginia Commonwealth University Center on Society and Health and Richmond Public Schools (RPS), will engage in a data-driven community engagement project (with USALEEP data as its foundation) to support the rezoning and magnetizing process RPS will complete in 2019 and 2020. The team will overlay USALEEP data with current RPS school zones and educational outcomes as well as other social determinants of health to produce data visualizations that illustrate disparities in life expectancy and potential pathways for building equity through rezoning and expanding student choice.

In partnership with local community organizations, Richmond City Health District will also use these visualizations to hold community sessions to strategize the rezoning/magnetizing process. The project will demonstrate the potential that new zoning and magnet models hold for RPS to disrupt stark disparities in health outcomes, including life expectancy.

To support area leaders and communities, Richmond City Health District will produce two community engagement reports offering survey results, community responses to the USALEEP data/RPS zoning model overlays, and analysis of expressed community priorities and/or buy-in for rezoning or magnetization models by neighborhood.

All final tools and resources using USALEEP data will be made available in summer 2020.

Learn about the Richmond City Health District’s work by visiting Culture of Health Richmond.