Structural Inequities and Community Interventions

Richmond, VA
United States

Through their Healthy Places, Healthy Lives project, the Virginia Department of Health, Office of Health Equity plans to incorporate the USALEEP data into the Health Opportunity Index. This innovative tool will combine 13 social determinants of health at the census-tract level into a single index, combining a top-line indicator for social determinants of health with the capacity to dive deeper into local data trends.

By linking the Health Opportunity Index to the USALEEP data, this project will help communities identify the following:

  1. the Virginia neighborhoods most affected by poor health outcomes
  2. the factors most likely to improve life expectancy in their community

The team will also include information on evidence-based programs, moving conversations away from identifying problems and toward the cultivation and implementation of local solutions. Community groups can use the Health Opportunity Index to best identify the neighborhoods where particular resources will be most effective for targeting gaps in life expectancy.

All final tools and resources using USALEEP data will be made available in summer 2020.

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